About Us

A message from Del Mar Elementary
Our mission is to empower, inspire and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. We teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative and innovative environment.
As a staff of educators committed to providing the very best for each of our scholars we:
*Focus on meeting the individual learning needs of each of our scholars
*Create an engaging and motivational classroom learning environment
*Treat all scholars, parents and colleagues with respect
*Hold ourselves, our colleagues, our scholars and parents to a high level of expectation for academic success
*Collaborate with our colleagues in order to construct effective lessons that will boost each scholar to achieve their learning goals
*Commit two 80 minute blocks of time, after school, for professional development delivered through teacher leaders and the instructional coach with the support of the principal
*Work to overcome every obstacle to academic success
School Expectations
At Del Mar Elementary School, we have high expectations for each one of our scholars. We unwaveringly believe that if students work hard and to their potential, they can become academically successful. It is our commitment to provide our scholars with everything necessary, academically and socially, to become successful in middle school, high school and, ultimately, college, if that is their choice. This commitment demands a strong partnership with parents. The teachers and staff members of Del Mar will do everything possible to ensure our scholars will be successful. For this challenge, we also need the full and dedicated support of our school families.