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Our mission is to empower, inspire and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. We teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative and innovative environment.
As a staff of educators committed to providing the very best for each of our scholars we:
*Focus on meeting the individual learning needs of each of our scholars
*Create an engaging and motivational classroom learning environment
*Treat all scholars, parents and colleagues with respect
*Hold ourselves, our colleagues, our scholars and parents to a high level of expectation for academic success
*Collaborate with our colleagues in order to construct effective lessons that will boost each scholar to achieve their learning goals
*Commit two 80 minute blocks of time, after school, for professional development delivered through teacher leaders and the instructional coach with the support of the principal
*Work to overcome every obstacle to academic success
School Expectations
At Del Mar Elementary School, we have high expectations for each one of our scholars. We unwaveringly believe that if students work hard and to their potential, they can become academically successful. It is our commitment to provide our scholars with everything necessary, academically and socially, to become successful in middle school, high school and, ultimately, college, if that is their choice. This commitment demands a strong partnership with parents. The teachers and staff members of Del Mar will do everything possible to ensure our scholars will be successful. For this challenge, we also need the full and dedicated support of our school families.

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Our mission is to empower, inspire and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. We teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative and innovative environment.

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The Del Mar Staff

Principal's Message

August 8th, 2019  
“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” —Carlos Santana
“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” —Joseph Campbell
“We could be the reason, to find the strength to carry on. In a world that's so divided, we shall overcome.
We could be the healing.” --- Song by Michael Franti
For the full song, go to:
Dear Del Mar Families!!!   
Welcome!!! I hope that your summer, as a family, was full of love and joy!  I have shared the above quotes with you to highlight the power of  joy, hope, and healing !!! Each day we are confronted by news and events that are horribly sad.  This can rob us of our ability to see hope and belief in our own strength to heal the world we are part of. Constant questions of  “What can be done?” and “What can we do?” circle throughout our day. The power and greatness of this place we call school is all about hope, developing personal strength, and believing that there are endless possibilities to bring good to our community.  
Here at Del Mar, we know that we can extravagantly impact the future of all of scholars.  We seek to daily empower them to go into the big world and make it far better! The following is what we do to build them up.
“We” continue to focus on the social-emotional wellness of all of our students. 
“We” lead with love.
“We” bring the light of critical thinking to every lesson as we seek to stamp out ignorance.
“We” seek to be a daily model of social justice and build on our culture of a growth mindset.
As a school we:   
*Provide your scholar with a rigorous and engaging learning experience.
*Provide any needed additional support that your scholar needs to be successful.
*Ensure that your scholar is positively connected to Del Mar.
*Teach your scholar how to learn, give their greatest effort, and grow their intelligence.
To make this year academically successful, we need you to:
*Develop a daily school routine that includes a consistent bedtime and evening schedule.
*Stay informed through our website and school/classroom newsletters.
*Call or email with any concerns or questions.
*Get involved by participating in school activities. 
*Volunteer and become a part of the Del Mar Home and School Club.                                                                                                                                (Details regarding this are in the attached letter!!!!!)
In order to be a successful scholar, we need your beautiful scholars to:
*Be at school every day, on time, with a healthy breakfast in their bellies.  Consistent practice over time is how people learn best.
*Have an early bedtime.
*Give 100% of positive energy and effort every day!  Smart is not something you are-it is something you become through effort.
*Try their hardest when they experience challenges.
*Believe that they have the capacity to do great things!
New This Year!!!
As part of the enrichment program we offer, we now have a Mindfulness Coach.  Our own Mrs. Fohs will be teaching students how to regulate their attention, emotions, and behaviors. Through learning this practice of calm, our scholars will  perform better in school.
I am both humbled and proud to be the principal of Del Mar Elementary School. Through careful planning, dedicated  and creative collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to support our scholars through every challenge, the Del Mar staff and community has created a learning environment in which your scholar will  thrive! Please know that I always welcome and benefit from both your involvement and feedback!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                        Marilyn Rockey, Principal
Important Upcoming Dates
August 12th:   School office open to the public, 8:00-3:00
August 20th:  Posting of class lists with a popcorn party, 5:00
August 21st:  School Begins:  8:10 Dismissal:  TK/Kinder: 1:40, 1st-3rd: 2:10, 4th/5th: 2:25
Preschool & AfterSchool Care Opportunities:  Are you looking for preschool or after school care for your students? We have free and low-cost preschool and childcare available at Del Mar School.  Please call the Child Development Office at 831-462-1116 ext 207 or 275 to see if you qualify. Space is limited so call now.

 “Si llevas alegría en tu corazón, puedes sanar en cualquier momento”. —Carlos Santana
“No podemos curar el mundo de las penas, pero podemos elegir vivir con alegría”. —Joseph Campbell 
                                  “Podríamos ser la razón, para encontrar la fuerza para continuar. 
                                                  En un mundo tan dividido, lo superaremos. 
                                       Podríamos ser la curación. ”--- Canción de Michael Franti 
Para ver la canción completa, visite:
Queridas familias de Del Mar !!!
¡¡¡Bienvenido!!! ¡Espero que su verano, como familia, haya estado lleno de amor y alegría! ¡He compartido las citas anteriores con usted para resaltar el poder de la alegría, la esperanza y la curación! Cada día nos enfrentamos a noticias y eventos terriblemente tristes. Esto puede privarnos de nuestra capacidad de ver esperanza y creer en nuestra propia fuerza para sanar el mundo del que formamos parte. Preguntas constantes de “¿Qué se puede hacer?” Y “¿Qué podemos hacer?” Circulan a lo largo de nuestro día. El poder y la grandeza de este lugar que llamamos escuela tiene que ver con la esperanza, el desarrollo de la fortaleza personal y la creencia de que hay un sinfín de posibilidades para traer el bien a nuestra comunidad.
Aquí en Del Mar, sabemos que podemos impactar extravagantemente el futuro de todos los académicos. ¡Buscamos empoderarlos diariamente para que vayan al gran mundo y lo hagan mucho mejor! Lo siguiente es lo que hacemos para construirlos.
"Nosotros" continuamos enfocándonos en el bienestar social y emocional de todos nuestros estudiantes. "Nosotros" lideramos con amor. "Nosotros" traemos la luz del pensamiento crítico a cada lección mientras buscamos acabar con la ignorancia. "Nosotros" buscamos ser un modelo diario de justicia social y construir sobre nuestra cultura de una mentalidad de crecimiento.
Como escuela nosotros:
*Proporcione a su alumno una experiencia de aprendizaje rigurosa y atractiva.
*Proporcione cualquier apoyo adicional que su estudiante necesite para tener éxito.
*Asegúrese de que su alumno esté positivamente conectado a Del Mar.
*Enséñele a su estudiante a aprender, haga su mayor esfuerzo y desarrolle su inteligencia.
Para que este año sea académicamente exitoso, necesitamos que:
*Desarrolle una rutina escolar diaria que incluya un horario constante para acostarse y para la noche.
*Manténgase informado a través de nuestro sitio web y boletines escolares / de aula.
*Llame o envíe un correo electrónico con cualquier inquietud o pregunta.Participe participando en actividades escolares.
*Voluntario y formar parte del Club de Hogar y Escuela Del Mar. (¡Los detalles sobre esto están en la carta adjunta!)
Para ser un erudito exitoso, necesitamos sus hermosos eruditos para:
*Llegue a la escuela todos los días, a tiempo, con un desayuno saludable en sus barrigas. 
*La práctica constante a lo largo del tiempo es cómo las personas aprenden mejor.
*Tener una hora de acostarse temprano.
*¡Da el 100% de energía positiva y esfuerzo todos los días! Inteligente no es algo que eres, es algo en lo que te conviertes a través del esfuerzo.
*Haga todo lo posible cuando experimenten desafíos.
*¡Cree que tienen la capacidad de hacer grandes cosas!
¡Nuevo este año!
Como parte del programa de enriquecimiento que ofrecemos, ahora tenemos un entrenador de atención plena. Nuestra propia Sra. Fohs enseñará a los estudiantes cómo regular su atención, emociones y comportamientos. Al aprender esta práctica de calma, nuestros alumnos se desempeñarán mejor en la escuela.
Estoy humilde y orgulloso de ser el director de la Escuela Primaria Del Mar. A través de una planificación cuidadosa, una colaboración dedicada y creativa, y un compromiso inquebrantable para apoyar a nuestros estudiantes en cada desafío, el personal y la comunidad de Del Mar ha creado un ambiente de aprendizaje en el que su estudiante prosperará. ¡Tenga en cuenta que siempre agradezco y me beneficio tanto su participación como sus comentarios!
Marilyn Rockey, Directora
Fechas próximas importantes
12 de agosto: oficina de la escuela abierta al público, 8: 00-3: 00
20 de agosto: publicación de listas de clases con una fiesta de palomitas de maíz, 5:00
21 de agosto: Comienzo de la escuela: 8:10 Salida: TK / Kinder: 1:40, 1er-3er: 2:10, 4to / 5to: 2:25
Oportunidades de atención preescolar y después de la escuela: ¿Está buscando atención preescolar o después de la escuela para sus estudiantes? Tenemos preescolar y cuidado de niños gratis y de bajo costo disponibles en la escuela Del Mar. Llame a la Oficina de Desarrollo Infantil al 831-462-1116 ext 207 o 275 para ver si califica. El espacio es limitado, así que llama ahora.

Welcome to our school! I am so pleased to welcome our new students as well as our returning students. We have made many recent improvements to our campus and we continue to expand our extra-curricular programs to ensure that all students may make the most of their time and explore a broad variety of interests. We believe that parent participation is key to student success; our new website is designed to provide parents with all the information they need to be active participants in their student’s education.
Following is a message to our 5th graders as they head to middle school and summer information:
Good-Bye Dear 5TH Grade Del Mar Scholars, 
You have worked so hard this school year!  I want you to always remember that working hard to achieve your goals is more important than people telling you that you are smart, beautiful, handsome, or gifted! 
This year you have learned a lot about growth mindset.  Your teachers want you to be able to conquer anything you set your mind to!  This is why they have worked with you to help you to set goals for yourselves. Remember that success really means to keep on improving!
There were times this year when you have had to reach down in your mind to try really hard even while you did not completely understand everything.  From this, you have learned that you must keep trying! Learning will always be about conquering your mistakes and continuing to improve! You may not achieve every goal right away, but if you keep at it you will continue to improve and become successful!
I would like to share something from one of my favorite books entitled: The Art of Racing in the Rain.  
Following is a quote from the book that talks about the future and how you can shape it for yourself:
"That which you manifest is before you."
This book is about a dog called Enzo.  Enzo learns many life lessons from his master, a race car driver.  The most important lesson that Enzo learns is that if you keep trying and are persistent about what you want to achieve, you will be successful in the race of life.
In the book, Enzo the dog says, “Your car goes where your eyes go.” 
Put your eyes on your goals and work as hard as you can to achieve them!  Keep doing your best! You can create your future by choosing a path of goals for yourself.  Do not be discouraged by the times that you do not meet these goals. Know that you are always on the road to success and achievement as long as you are doing your best! 
It is important that you know how much you are loved by all of the adults here at Del Mar School.  We believe in each one of you and know that you will do great things for your fellow human beings! This will always be the true mark of your character and success!
Mrs. Rockey

*Register your student at the Live Oak School District Office before Del Mar office reopens
*The Del Mar School Office will be open to the public Monday, August 12th 
*School office hours prior to school starting will be from 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
*Class lists posted and a popcorn party in the courtyard August 20th at 4:30
*First day of school, August 21st beginning at 8:10 A.M.
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate